The Story Of Trésor

Trésor started as just an idea, stemming from a life long obsession with home decor. As a mom who just graduated with her business degree in marketing and was working at a tech start-up in Silicon Valley, I consistently found myself not satisfied with the impact I was making at my job and I was determined to do more.

So I quit my job and Trésor was born in July 2021, bringing my small idea to life. Starting with our gorgeous Chérie candle, she is made of 100% soy wax and hand-poured in house in San Francisco, California. Furthermore, her name stems from the nickname my dad calls my mom, "Mon Chérie". 

So thank you for choosing Trésor (French- Noun; Treasure), I hope you Trésor your candle for many lifetimes and are inspired to do what makes you happy every single day.